Julianne Origlio

Julianne graduated summa cum laude from the University of Cincinnati in 2021 with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Political Science. She completed a senior thesis focused on how locus of control and pre-pandemic depressive symptoms relate to the psychological adjustment of college students to the COVID-19 pandemic. During her time as an undergraduate student, Julianne coauthored several poster presentations and a journal publication and received an Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award. At her university’s Healthy Bearcat Families Lab, she worked on numerous studies focused on improving health outcomes and promoting health behaviors among children and adolescents with chronic medical and psychiatric conditions. At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the Center for ADHD, she worked on a study focused on internalizing psychopathology and suicidal ideation among adolescents with sluggish cognitive tempo. She also briefly worked on a research project within her university’s Sociology Department focused on how the representation of LGBTQ+ identities may be affected by societal stereotyping. In addition to her research involvement, Julianne was involved as a teaching assistant for undergraduate psychology courses and was a Psi Chi honor society member. After her time at the DCRP, Julianne plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology with a focus on mood disorder treatment in adolescents, specifically on the management of internalizing symptoms.