Aava Jahan

Aava Jahan graduated from Tufts University in 2019, where she obtained a B.S. in Biopsychology with honors. During her time as an undergraduate, Aava worked as a research intern at the Department of Neurology at MGH and Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences at Tufts. She completed her senior honors thesis at the Department of Neurotherapeutics at MGH, under the guidance of Dr. Darin Dougherty and the advising of Dr. Lisa Shin. Her thesis focused on the use of neuroimaging and behavioral techniques to investigate the neural correlates of cognitive interference in comorbid psychiatric disorders. In addition, she conducted an independent research study in Studio Art. At Tufts, Aava served as a mentor for the pre-medical society and a teaching assistant for the psychology department. She was also a member of the equestrian team and a writer for the undergraduate admissions office. After her time at the DCRP, Aava plans to pursue an MD-PhD. She is particularly interested in the intersection between clinical psychopharmacology and the development of research-based, individualized treatments for depression.