Maya Nauphal

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MGH has been at the forefront of many scientific advances in treatments for depression.

Maya Nauphal graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016 with a B.A. in Psychology. Throughout her four years as an undergraduate, she worked as a Research Assistant at the Risk and Resilience lab on studies that assess the interplay between biological and social contexts on children’s development, as well as the effects of adverse childhood experiences on the development of psychopathology. During her junior and senior years, she also worked as a Research Assistant at the IMPACT Lab at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, studying environmental and biological influences on the development of bipolar spectrum disorders. The summer before her senior year, Maya interned at Global TIES for Children, a New York University based program that develops interventions to improve the lives of children living in low-income and conflict-affected regions of the world. In her senior year, Maya completed a thesis under the guidance of Dr. Sara Jaffee, on the role social support plays in modifying the relationship between maternal depression and depression and anxiety symptoms in children. At the end of her two years at the DCRP, Maya plans to pursue a graduate degree in clinical psychology.