Ashley Meyer

Photo of two researchers smiling

MGH has been at the forefront of many scientific advances in treatments for depression.

Ashley graduated from New York University in 2019 with a B.A. in Psychology with Honors and minors in Spanish and Creative Writing. During her time as an undergraduate, Ashley worked as a Research Assistant under the guidance of Dr. Lawrence Ian Reed and in the NYU Motivation Lab under the guidance of Dr. Gabriele Oettingen. Ashley’s focus was on developing and testing alternative treatments for depression, specifically those that are low-cost and accessible. She completed her senior honors thesis under the advising of Drs. Lawrence Ian Reed and Gabriele Oettingen, which explored the efficacy of Mental Contrasting with Implementation Intentions (MCII) in the improvement of mood. Ashley also served a mentor for young women in the STEM field as a part of the NYU Women in Science Peer Undergraduate Mentoring Program, developed lesson plans for youth mental health education as a part of the FloraMind Mental Health Youth Advisory Council, and was a member of the masters rowing team at TopRow New York. After her time at the DCRP, Ashley plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and is particularly interested in the intersection of alternative treatments for depression and technology.