Ketamine and Esketamine Treatment and Maintenance in Depression (KETAMIND)

Previous studies have shown that ketamine may have antidepressant effects. It can reduce symptoms of depression in as little as a few hours and has been shown to be effective against some cases of treatment-resistant depression. The KETAMIND Study aims to examine the effect of ketamine and esketamine treatments in reducing depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation, and whether improvement continues over the course of 6 months. Patients will be recruited from the inpatient psychiatric unit at MGH. Patients will receive 8 intravenous ketamine treatments over 3 months, followed by 3 months of weekly maintenance treatment with intranasal esketamine. All treatment visits will occur at the MGH Ketamine Clinic. In addition to the treatment, patients will complete assessment visits every other week and a brief daily questionnaire. The study was recently featured in an article in MGH Psych News. Check it out here:

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