The purpose of this study is to determine whether playing a mobile phone game designed to help people think in a more global and creative way can reduce symptoms of depression. Although the prevalence of depression is increasing dramatically, it is still hard to find treatments that are accessible to most people. Therefore, there is a critical need to explore treatment of depression that relies on technology, in particular phone applications, which would increase access and be cost-efficient. The results of this study have the potential to improve our knowledge of the effectiveness of a mobile phone application that targets ways of thinking that are common among depressed individuals. Three fourths of the participants will be randomized to play the game immediately and one fourth will have access to the game at the end of the study. All participants will be asked to complete weekly surveys and visits with a clinician every four weeks. Those in the immediate intervention group will be asked to play the phone game created by our team on at least 4 different days in any given week for 8 weeks. Those in the delayed intervention will have the option to use the app after their initial 8 weeks. Contact us at to learn more! You can also check out the study advertisement on rally here:

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