Ava Licht

Ava Licht is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying psychology and neuroscience at the College of the Holy Cross. Ava has participated in research as an Undergraduate Research Assistant, and, more recently, as a JD Power Research Associate. As an Undergraduate Research Assistant, she investigated the effects of separating siblings in foster care. As a JD Power Research Associate, Ava and a Professor received funding to investigate the relationship between social dominance and the HPA axis in mice. Outside of Holy Cross, Ava volunteers at UMass Chan Medical School, where she facilitates check-in and provides information on the COVID-19 vaccines to patients of an equity vaccine clinic. In addition, Ava is involved in a student lead organization, X-Chrom Women in STEM, where she mentors female students in STEM and attends meetings in which prominent women leaders recount their experiences in STEM. After her internship at the DCRP, Ava hopes to attend medical school or eventually complete a Ph.D. program with great interest in psychiatry and clinical psychology.