Noninvasive Physiologic Sensors to Assess Depression: A Pilot Study

Photo of two researchers talking together

Depression treatments that are available today are the result of decades of research.

Are you currently depressed?

Are you currently being treated for depression with medications or therapy?

Do you own an Android phone?

If so, you may be eligible to participate at no cost to you in a research study at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

This study is trying to find ways to predict symptoms of depression and treatment response in patients being treated for depression using body rhythms. We will use devices to measure body rhythms.

This study lasts for up to ten weeks and will involve six visits. You will be asked to wear sensors on your wrists for 8 weeks, which will be used to measure your body rhythms. We also ask that you record audio diaries and fill out surveys on your phone. We will also ask that you monitor your sleep for a few nights during the study.

You will be paid up to $715 for your participation, depending on which parts of the study that you complete. You may also be eligible to keep the tablet we will provide you during the study if you complete all of the study tasks.

For more information, please contact Esther at 617-723-7690 or

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